cliff Notes 
uluwat[at] island of gods

Since covid I have been blessed and living in Uluwatu Bali for 2.5 years. In Bahasa “ulu” means “rock”, “watu” means “pit”. On top of Uluwatu cliffs looking out to the vast indian ocean with restless green waves at sunset hour is the most divine ritual each day, often realisations comes at such moments. Below are some of my “Cliff Notes”.

“Gate No.5”

You opened your mouth
and put your foot in it
and said:

“Here we are!
walkies and talkies,
behind the gate No.5 of 16 vowels
there lives
a white elephant sales man
dresses in pink
with the finest Indian linen
spun with spells and
breathes like Egyptian cloth.”

08/02 2022

#mantras #spells #prayama #chakras #whiteelephant #pinkelephant



“I see upon north wall,
there seems to be a window,
or a framed rectangle shape
which resembles a window
through which spaces are extended,
or not quite so yet,
a little less straight forward
than a window
with sceneries outside,
what’s inside of the frame seems
rather intersected,
has senses of spatial dimensions
but not only so.”

“I have a TV.”

05 / 2020 

#description #language #failed #beforelanguage #remotviewing