Artist Statment

“I use text, context, spells, symbols, sentences, syntax, objects, time, space, bodies, gestures, fables, lores, parodies, both tangible and intangible matters, as tools and means to manifest those not yet manifested. I do believe one has to cultivate a certain level of sensitivity of attentive listening to bring potentials that lay in latency in the personal and collective psyche to perceivable phenomenons. In other words, for me being an artist is to be a capable conduit and storyteller.” 


Lulu Li is an active practitioner in the fields of design, art,  interaction design, research, curatorial practice, and entrepreneurship. Both her works and studio works have won numerous awards from TOCA ME, Gilbert de Botton UAL awards, Red Dot, IF award, to the Best app 2014 and 2015 in the app store. Her renowned design work series "the lightning babe" won her reputation in the Chinese design scene in 2007, while her later artwork "Where r u..." is installed in the K11 Shanghai building facade as a permanent collection. 2013 she runs the Beijing-based social innovation platform - Interactive Beijing. In 2013  program "Our A!r" aimed to fight for air pollution crisis. The pilot project "Eco Air Bubble" upgraded public gym machines into human-powered fresh air sanctuary.  It has won  Germany's  Green Product Award for innovative thinking in 2015. 2016 “ City as Museum” VR project exhibited at Venice Architecture Biennale. 2015 she co-curated “Baitasi Re-Made” for Beijing Design Week. 2016, she participated in both curation and theoretical research of the inaugural "Beijing Media Art Biennale - Ethics of Technology". 2017 she conducted the overall new media narrative and content for one of the first mixed media immersive plays "LOST IN PLAY" at CHAO Hotel in Beijing for makeup brand Marie Dalgar. 2017, she is solely in charge of real-time face projection mapping “TWIN FLOWERS”.  In 2018 at the Bazaar charity gala, by combining interactive media and ballet dancers she created a show of “Myth of Love”. In 2022 as an invited creative consultant for Beijing Winter Olympics, realized a generative design project - Winter Olympics - “Snowflake ID” for 10 million users across the world to participate in this global event.

她活跃于艺术,设计,研究与策展等领域, 同时从业文化初创. 其个人和团体作品获奖众多: 慕尼黑TOCA ME, Gilbert de Botton 伦艺毕业奖, 红点, 德国IF奖, 亚洲最具影响力奖, 2014 和2015最佳app等. 从2007年电光娃娃设计创作系列获设计媒体关注, 2012年灯光装置艺术作品"where r u..."被K11上海作为永久公共装置收藏. 2013年作为社会创新平台-交互北京的联合创始人她启动了"我们的空气"项目. 其领航员项目"智能生态氧泡" - 一个通过提升改造公共健身设施, 并利用人力发电的方式制造新鲜空气的避难所装置. 2015年, 这个项目一出众的创新想法而获得德国绿色产品大奖. 其"城市博物馆"VR 项目曾在2016威尼斯建筑双年展展出. 2015年她策展北京概念设计周-白塔寺再生计划. 2016年其参与了第一届”北京媒体艺术双年展 -技术伦理 “的策展和基础理论研究工作. 2017 她在Chao酒店为玛丽黛佳的越域艺术展规划并执行了沉浸式戏剧”戏.游”混合媒体叙事, 及”双生花”新媒体面部实时追踪投影内容. 2018 她为芭莎慈善夜开场艺术表演导演了一场结合芭蕾舞和新媒体视觉的”爱之秘思”. 2022年被邀新媒体视觉媒体专家, 负责冬奥会生成式视觉-“雪花ID”从创意到编程开发工作, 给世界上的千万使用者提供了一个便捷, 普世的参与机会.


2019 10 “Lightning Babe Continuum” in tribute to “Grammar of Ornament” @ Lisbon Architecture Triennial

2019 “Lightning Struck”Shenzhen Pingshan international sculpture exhibition,

2017 “Lost in play” immersive new media theatre art at Chao Hotel

2007 DSL Urban Revival Pavilion

2017 Moderate “Design Hijack” Forum at UCCA Beijing

2016“The Snoring Humming Bird” installation at CAFA museum ”

2016 “Peggy” video work at the JNBY Banana Banana show

2015 Wuzhen National Art Show

2015 Venice Architecture Biennale

2015 “Movement study” @B3 Moving image Biennale

2015 “Today was tomorrow”CCD Fabrica show“Today was tomorrow”

2015 BTS-Remade Curation

2014 “Eco Air Bubble” in Smart City Show Beijing Design Week

2014 ”Effort” video work  Liverpool group show

2014 “Movement study” Galaxy Soho opening show

2014 “Zeitgeister” neon installation at 798 Bridge space

2014 The Emo Project at 798 Bridge space

2014 Milan USB show Gallery Nowhere

2014 Star Gallery group show

2013 Audi Connected City in Beijing Design Week

2013 TEDx Garden Bridge Shanghai

2013 Chaoyang Light Festival

2013 The Emo Project collected by K11

2013 Shanghai K11 Opening Show

2013 2015 Social sensibility Research Institute

2013 Munich Space Kung solo show

2013 “Yumyumyum” live performance London Auto Italia

2013 London WoodMill

2013 “New Road ”video work at CCD “Memory and Identity”

2013 “3 women” art performance @UCCA

2010 “3 legs” animation work CCD Art Issue show

2009 “All about the village” at Get It Louder NOTCH

2009 “Instant Celebrity” art performance at Bridge Space

2009 “Social exchange” Shanghai 1933 show

2008 “Blind leading the blind” art performance CIGE “

2008 Won onedotzero /MTV Bloom young director award.

2008 CCD EEG Space art performance

2008 Shenzhen Global Warming Show

2008 70-80 Chinese Designers Show

2007 “The lightning babe” Get it Louder

2006 NYC Metamorphosis NYC Lincoln Center

2004 Munich TOCA ME 1St place


2016 “Eco Air Bubble” German Design Award

2015 Asia the Most Influential Design award

2015 Reddot Award

2015 Apple Store App of the Year Award

2014  Apple Store App of the Year Award

2015 Beijing International Design Week People of the Year Award

2014 IF Design Award Germany

2013 motion graphic 1st Place at Cut&Paste London

2012 Gilbert De Botton Award London UAL