#public installtion 

Edition: 5 editons
PVC/”hot air”
Size: various
Language as vectorised system made of abstract signs, “discreteness” is it’s fatal attribute, this attribute makes communication and expression incapable if not impossible. As the saying addressed: “we never truly communicated”. Visual codes and emojis more or less provides an alternative for such semantic gaps and niches. “...” in the speech bubble as still unknown but yet to be known information imposes a future trajectory of possible and partial understanding, nonetheless, in dialogue, the subject’s preconception and subjective readings often compose most of if not entirety of the understanding.
语言作为矢量化的抽象符号,语义固有的非持续性属性使主客体沟通和表达处于低效能状态, 正如”我们从未真正交流过”, 视觉表意和表情符号的出现和应用补充了这种空隙, 本作品中的省略号代表语言的语义表达趋势, 对话中, 主体之间互相对以省略号为代表未知信息的心理预设和主观补充和演绎理解形成主体的大部分语义构成.