@shenzhen Pingshan

Edition: 2 editions left (1st edition is collected by Pingshan Art Museum 2019)
concrete/steel/PVC/light tubes
/electric power
Size: eight meters
“Lightning Struck” does not only symbolize a wakeup call, with tons of steel, concrete, electricity, and light, its physical presence makes it act like one. Plato’s cave is not merely a philosophical metaphor, it’s, in fact, a very literal depiction of how higher dimensions project their existence onto lower ones. What we observe from our sensory faculties is vast limited and deceitful as it may be just a projection of something that could never to perceived by us. This necessity of other unknown existences is a vital undertone in our human history. May it be folklores, mythologies, conspiracy theories, paranormal phenomenons, and even today the “not yet unified theory” in theoretical physics, all of this left great spaces for our imagination - one of the most primitive and powerful forms of artistic creativity. This imagination of otherliness or the courage of it is the only wing to break through the prison built by rationalism and materialism world views. Here “Lightning Struck” works as a reminder of our human beings’ courage and capacity to imagine otherliness.

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