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Legends say Cintamani spheres are will-fullling fabulous jewels which came from the inside of brains of Makaras / NagaRaja - amphibious sea monsters with animal heads and aquatic body. Cintamanis manifest whatever the beholders desire. In Tibetan Buddhism two compassionate bodhisattvas hold Cintamanis for grand prayers of blessing all life forms to thrive across all cosmoses. They may seem exotic, bizzar, queer and kinked, even appear so deformed that un-recognizable to the common eyes, but nonetheless in Buddha’s gaze they are all sentient and each bears a precious Buddha seed within - a secrete key for transcending sufferings and endless cycles of reincarnation in the ocean of Samsara.

Through the lens of Cintamanis, new kind of life forms emerges, crossbreeds, evolves, mutates and trespasses all domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species boundaries in constant motion as if they following strange “selfless”, “non- differentiated” “collaborative” code or protocol at very fundamental level at beginning of genesis. This project is to look into the stars and imagine what astro/cosmic life form could be when we one day become multi planetary beings and what can we learn from this speculative fiction with references from Buddhism philosophy and inspirations from ancient mythologies.


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Duration: 1:10
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Duration: 1’:30”

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Edition: 5 editons
metal /paint

Size: 2.5 tall

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Edition: 5 editons
metal /one channel video

Size: various
A pirate walked into a bar wearing an eye patch and one hook for his arm.
Barman asked:
“what happen to your eye?”
Pirate: “A bird shit in it then I lost my eye”
Barman: “No way, bird shit won’t hurt your eye like that?!”
Pirate: “Well, it’s the first day I had my hook on”.

The intellect is a sharp instrument,  without the user’s menu humans beings seems to have long way to go in dealing such intellect, and learn how to use such tool without causing self harm or eventually  (self) blinded by it. Unfortunately  it seems to be the only tool in the shop.
我们的智能是一个基于”切割”的犀利工具, 人类对驾驭这个具有智能的生命本身缺乏认知.我们如何在不可避免的过度开发智能的过程中和之后避免其戕害, 然而除却智能/智力我们仿佛也别无选择.

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