Edition: 5 editons
metal /one channel video

Size: various
A pirate walked into a bar wearing an eye patch and one hook for his arm.
Barman asked:
“what happen to your eye?”
Pirate: “A bird shit in it then I lost my eye”
Barman: “No way, bird shit won’t hurt your eye like that?!”
Pirate: “Well, it’s the first day I had my hook on”.

The intellect is a sharp instrument,  without the user’s menu humans beings seems to have long way to go in dealing such intellect, and learn how to use such tool without causing self harm or eventually  (self) blinded by it. Unfortunately  it seems to be the only tool in the shop.
我们的智能是一个基于”切割”的犀利工具, 人类对驾驭这个具有智能的生命本身缺乏认知.我们如何在不可避免的过度开发智能的过程中和之后避免其戕害, 然而除却智能/智力我们仿佛也别无选择.


@shenzhen Pingshan

Edition: 5 editons
concrete/steel/PVC/light tubes
/electric power
Size: eight meters
“Lightning Struck” does not only symbolise a wakeup call, with tons of steel, concrete, electricity and light, it’s physical presence makes it act like one. Plato’s cave is not merely a philosophical metaphor, it’s in fact a very much literal depiction how higher dimensions project it’s existence onto lower ones. What we observe from our sensory faculties is vast limited and deceitful as it maybe just a projection of something could never to perceived by us. This necessity of other unknown existences is vital undertone along our human history. May it be folklores, mythologies, conspiracy theories, paranormal phenomenons, and even till today the “not yet unified theory” in theoretical physics, all of this left great spaces for our imagination - one of the most primitive and powerful form of artistic creativity. This imagination of otherliness or the courage of it is the only wings to break through the prison built by rationalism, materialism world views. Here “Lightning Struck” works as a reminder of our human beings’ courage and capacity to imagine the otherliness.

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#light installation

Edition: 5 editons
concrete/steel/wood//PVC/light tubes
/electric power
Size: H2.5 meters

“Confusion says” series messes with word structures and their construction methods,  to generate new connotations & denotations potentials, and their induced mis-understandings, miss-readings, specially when english is not the mother tongue .



Size: various

Edition: 5 editons
concrete + steel + PVC + light tubes
+ electric power
This emo project series was originated from my own text msgs with close ones. When the emotional charged messages were not answered and left in vain, or perhaps even not appropriate to communicate, i can’t help wondering its whereabouts, perhaps they felt into the cracks of virtual space, or lost in the glitches of telecommunication web and stuck in abyss of amnesia forever to be known. Fantasies of them landed on top of old building, street corner, or just leaning to next to a  dirty rubbish bin. The idea of possibility one day I may catch a glimpse of them metabolise these wonderings. Random locations was chosen for large glowing  personal text messages in urban spaces, that has a quality of being abandoned, overlooked or ignored, or too banal to be appreciated.  It reminds me in thinking of those place where all the communications felt though and became impossible.”

“情绪工程项目”系列源于我私人短信息,当它们作为情感的载体和媒介传递失效,或者因为不太恰当时空关系而变得袅无音讯。我总会好奇它们到底去了哪儿, 是掉在了虚拟空间的缝隙中, 还是丢失在电信网络的错乱编码中,  卡在失忆的时空深渊里永不可寻. 它们是否也会恰好落在建筑顶上,街头,荒地,或在湖的岸边, 甚至倚靠在垃圾桶的傍边。这个系列就是为了纪念那些情绪复杂的, 那些吞吞吐吐的, 那些言不达意的, 那些不知所云的, 那些欲言又止的时刻。语言之无力,沟通之无能。

@K11 Shanghai collection
@art Beijing 2016

@Nanshan Beijing

@youth condo Beijing





@CHAO art center

infrared camera + infrared lights + projectors + algorithms + performers

Project for #Marie Dalgar & #JV

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“I work with any given parameter of any given situation. I take advantage of these opportunities by adding on, taking out, giving a nudge or touch, swapping, disconnecting, pairing, or comparing, in order to bring out the potential of the scenarios, materials, or the relationship between them, or their relationship with us. Being economic both on materials and methodology is one of my basic principles. I work with everyday items (sometimes works discarded by other artists), or litter in general, and apply the least possible effort and least resistance, in a rather minimal form. These ‘touches’ work as a catalyst to trigger, intervene or evoke a series of reactions, chain reactions or to change the readings of everyday life.”

“我与任何给定的情况下,任何给定的参数。我利用这些机会的增加,取出,给人一种轻推或触摸,交换,隔离,配对,或比较,以发挥潜力的情况下,材料或它们之间的关系,或它们之间的关系与我们联系。作为经济的材料和方法,是我的基本原则之一。我的工作与日常用品(有时由其他艺术家作品被丢弃),或一般垃圾,应用尽可能少的努力和阻力最小,而最小的形式。这些“涉及的工作作为一种催化剂来触发,干预或引起一系列的反应,链式反应而改变日常生活的阅读。” (google translation)

2019 “Lightning Struck”Shenzhen Pingshan international sculpture exhibition, 深圳坪山国际雕塑展

2017 “Lost in play”immersive new media theatre art at Chao Hotel 新媒体戏剧艺术展”戏游” CHAO酒店

2007 DSL Urban Revival Pavilion 大栅栏诚心馆

2017 Moderate “Design Hijack” Forum at UCCA 在UCCA主持Design Hijack” 论坛

2016“the Snoring Humming Bird” installation at CAFA museum ”蜂鸟的鼾声” 装置作品在中央美院美术馆

2016 “Peggy” video work at JNBY Banana Banana show 视频作品参与江南布衣香蕉展

2015 Wuzhen National Art Show 乌镇国际艺术邀请展

2015 Venice Architecture Biennale 威尼斯建筑双年展“共享与再生”

2015 “Movement study” @B3 Moving image Biennale  “动态研究” 动态影像双年展

2015 “Today was tomorrow”CCD Fabrica show“Today was tomorrow”装置 Fabrica草场地展

2015 Shenzhen QianHai 深圳前海建筑艺术展

2015 BTS-Remade Curation 白塔寺再生计划策展

2014 Eco Air Bubble 生态智能氧泡参加Smart City 中华世纪坛智慧城市主展

2014 ”Effort” video work  Liverpool group show 利物浦展出

2014 “Movement study” Galaxy Soho opening show “动态研究” 银河SOHO开幕展

2014 “Zeitgeister” neon installation at 798 Bridge space “弄潮儿”霓虹装置798桥空间

2014 The Emo Project at 798 Bridge space 798桥空间

2014 Milan USB show Gallery Nowhere 米兰gallery nowhere USB 展

2014 Star Gallery group show 星画廊参展

2013 Audi Connected City 奥迪中华世纪坛”城市联结”新媒体作品

2013 TEDx Garden Bridge 演讲

2013 Chaoyang Light Festival 朝阳灯光节

2013 The Emo Project collected by K11 被K11收藏户外永久灯光装置作品

2013 Shanghai K11 Opening Show 上海K11开幕展览

2013 2015 Social sensibility Research Institute 社会敏感研究驻留计划系列作品

2013 Munich Space Kung solo show 慕尼黑 Space Kung 个展

2013 “Yumyumyum”London Auto Italia 伦敦艺术行为表演

2013 London WoodMill 伦敦Woodmill 群展

2013 “New Road ”video work at CCD “Memory and Identity” “新路”视频作品 草场地”记忆与身份”展

2013 “3 women”art performance @UCCA “三个女人”艺术行为尤仑斯

2010 “3 legs” animation work CCD Art Issue show, “3条腿”动画作品草场地

2009 “All about village” at Get It Louder NOTCH “屯里那点事儿”大声展北欧音乐节

2009 “Instant Celebrity” art performance at Bridge Space “即时名人”艺术行为表演北京桥空间

2009 “Social exchange”Shanghai 1933 show 社交项目上海屠宰场1933参加群展

2009 798 时代空间”美棉设计节”

2008 “Blind leading the blind” art performance CIGE “盲人带路”艺术行为北京艺术博览会

2008 获onedotzero /MTV Bloom 全球十大年轻导演奖

2008 CCD EEG Space art performance 草场地EEG画廊艺术行为表演

2008 Shenzhen Global Warming Show深圳万象城全球变暖计划

2008 70-80 Chinese Designers Show 中国70-80设计师巡展

2007 “The lightning babe” Get it Louder 电光娃娃参加大声展

2006 NYC Metamorphosis 纽约Lincoln 中心作品展

2004 Munich TOCA ME 慕尼黑动态图形大赛第一名


2016 German Design Awards 生态智能氧泡获德国设计奖

2015 亚洲最有影响力奖

2015 Reddot award 红点奖

2015 苹果商店app store 年度app

2015 苹果商店app store 年度app

2015 北京国际设计周设计之旅年度人物

2015 京国际设计周优秀展项

2014 德国IF设计奖

2013 Cut&Paste 设计大赛获代表伦敦参加纽约的全球总决赛

2013 Cut&Paste 设计大赛获代表伦敦参加纽约的全球总决赛

2012 London Gilbert de Botton award UAL 获首届Gilbert de Botton伦敦艺术大学奖

Philosophy of Technology
Prliminary Research
Research lead: Lulu Li
Mao wengweng / Jerome Zhang / Guo qing / Joe wei