This public installation is made to trigger people to “click” action but in a physical world at a de-urbanised location. This famous  UI icon from apple IOS system suggests deletion or re-arrangements of apps layout. Digital icons like this has already built into us with strong and instant reaction circuitry. This installation setup is to provide a moment of “suspension”or “delay” between almost hardwired “trigger and action”and hungry for more instant gratification vicious loop in our digital time .

这个公共空间装置旨在触发人们在手机端习以为常的”点击”应激反应行为, 但是装置所处的”去城市规划”的非数字物理空间是这种即时反应无法形成满足回路. 这个非常典型的交互符号来自于苹果手机操作系统, 本意为删除或者重新规划界面版图. 数字时代的交互界面和符号已经在深植并建立了这种非常顽固的从脑元到心理到生理到物理即时反应回路. 本装置旨在在”触发和反应,继而寻求下一个即时满足”的闭路循环之间制造一个”悬停和延迟”。