“I work with any given parameter of any given situation. I take advantage of these opportunities by adding on, taking out, giving a nudge or touch, swapping, disconnecting, pairing, or comparing, in order to bring out the potential of the scenarios, materials, or the relationship between them, or their relationship with us. Being economic both on materials and methodology is one of my basic principles. I work with everyday items (sometimes works discarded by other artists), or litter in general, and apply the least possible effort and least resistance, in a rather minimal form. These ‘touches’ work as a catalyst to trigger, intervene or evoke a series of reactions, chain reactions or to change the readings of everyday life.”

“我与任何给定的情况下,任何给定的参数。我利用这些机会的增加,取出,给人一种轻推或触摸,交换,隔离,配对,或比较,以发挥潜力的情况下,材料或它们之间的关系,或它们之间的关系与我们联系。作为经济的材料和方法,是我的基本原则之一。我的工作与日常用品(有时由其他艺术家作品被丢弃),或一般垃圾,应用尽可能少的努力和阻力最小,而最小的形式。这些“涉及的工作作为一种催化剂来触发,干预或引起一系列的反应,链式反应而改变日常生活的阅读。” (google translation)